Bill Cosby holding a TI-99/2

Bill Cosby holding a TI-99/2

In the 1980s Bill Cosby was one of the more trusted celebrities in the United States and he put that to good use as the pitchman for an array of products. From New Coke, to Jello to Texas Instruments and beyond, Bill could sell just about anything. I have never read any of his books or a biography, but I wonder if had any sort of process for deciding what to endorse? Was he actually a computer user? Did he ever use a TI-99/2?

This is early enough in home computing that they still seemed exotic to people. Still, Bill seemed like he might understand things about the world. So I would like to think he understood what the TI-99/2 could do.

Although staring at the ad a little more, maybe that smile gives something away. His bemused smile, which looks to be on the verge of laughing. It could just be his signature look. Or more likely, him almost laughing that people are paying him to hold this gadget.


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3 thoughts on “Bill Cosby holding a TI-99/2

  1. Max Power says:

    Who remembers that time he and Alan Alda beat each other unconscious with Commodore PETs?

  2. Matt Fisher says:

    I doubt he ever used a 99/2 (at least not very much) as it was never actually released. It was supposed to compete with the Sinclair ZX-81, but TI pulled the plug on its consumer computer business before it was released. Bill also shilled for the TI 99/4a, which was previously released and was my first computer ever! Tunnels of Doom is an awesome game!

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