Saturday Frights: Lights Out By David F. Sandberg

Welcome friends to a very special late night screening here at the Retroist Vault on Saturday Frights! The Projectionist and Daniel XIII have returned from their road trip, both are being very tight-lipped about what they picked up…but I saw the two of them stacking crates on the freight elevator earlier this evening. I will assume they were able to score a sweet pile of films for the Vault…though I thought that one of the crates may have something stenciled on it that read “Sumatran Rat Monkey”.

For tonight’s viewing entertainment we present David F. Sandberg’s short film entitled “Lights Out”, a wickedly delightfully tale of a poor woman who as she prepares to go to bed discovers that when she switches the hallway lights off their is a silhouette of woman standing at the end of the hall.

Lights Out was the recipient of the Best Short award at the 2014 Bilbao Fantasy Film Festival and David won for Best Director in the Bloody Cuts Horror Challenge.

I highly recommend that you turn down the lights in your own room and turn up the volume while you watch this fantastic short film.


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