Retro Records: Power Records – The Incredible Hulk At Bay! (1974)

Image courtesy of the Power Records Blog.
Image courtesy of the Power Records Blog.

With the Comic-Con winding down it felt like the appropriate time to share this 1974 Power Records presentation of “The Incredible Hulk at Bay!” and as you can see from the cover provided by the Power Records Blog, the Hulk has to contend with the likes of the Abomination and the Rhino in this story!

This story was written by Steve Englehart (The Defenders, Doctor Strange) and Gerry Conway (Spider-Man, Justice League of America) with the art by Jack Abel (Iron Man, Tomb of Dracula) and Herb Trimpe (The Incredible Hulk, Machine Man). This tale also has Hulk nemesis General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross playing an unexpected role and it all ends rather oddly for a Power Record.

So grab your favorite beverage and set aside a mere fifteen minutes of your day as you join us on Retro Records as we experience the Incredible Hulk at Bay!
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