Behind The Scenes: Close Encounters Of The Third Kind (1977)

I have very strong memories of seeing Close Encounters of the Third Kind when it originally was released in theaters back in 1977. At five years old it was the perfect film to not only keep me captivated for the running time but I can remember being equal parts terrified (Especially during the scene when Barry Guiler is abducted) and amused by Richard Dreyfuss’ antics.

Another of those memories involved the entire audience in attendance at the Razorback Theater roaring with laughter when the alien mothership makes first contact with a bass note that shatters an observation booth window.

[Via] MovieClips

Thanks to Join You In The Sun’s Imgur Page we have this behind the scenes image of a young Steven Spielberg during a quiet moment on the set. It looks like he is trying to imagine what the Mothership would like up close and personal.


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