Big Foot Board Game

Big Foot Board Game By Milton Bradley (1977)

Thanks to Tom Berges who a couple of days ago posted the article Bigfoot: The Legend of Sasquatch it got me thinking about not only when I saw that film at the local Drive-In of my youth but of a Big Foot Board Game that I was able to play over at a friends house around that time. It took me a little while to find it because in my rusty memory banks. I was positive it was called Sasquatch but when I found that cover art above thanks to the Vintage Toy Archive Tumblr it all came back to me.

I was hoping I could find a TV commercial for the board game. Sadly none are online, but at least BoardGameGeek had some photos of the Big Foot Board Game to share.

Following images courtesy of BoardGameGeek.
Following images courtesy of BoardGameGeek.

Big Foot Board Game

Big Foot Board Game

Players took on the role of prospectors in Alaska hoping to strike it rich with the mother of all gold lodes. Too bad there have been sightings of a Bigfoot in the area. While you moved around the board you would land on certain spots that would allow you to move the Bigfoot. You pre-loaded the plastic Sasquatch with discs and when it passed over a player you would press the Bigfoot down. If it deposited a Bigfoot symbol on the player you were out of the game. Which meant the beast probably tore your prospector to pieces. It was a kid’s game though, so Milton Bradley probably didn’t feel like adding that in the artwork, but we kids knew what was happening.

The game was released under the titles of Big Foot, Big Foot: The Giant Snow Monster Game, as well as Yeti. I think I’ll have to keep my eye out when visiting flea markets for this game, looks pretty fun.


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