WGN America Debuts “Manhattan” on July 27 9/8C!
Images courtesy of WGN America.

WGN America Debuts “Manhattan” on July 27 9/8C!

This Sunday at 9/8C WGN America will debut it’s second original program for the cable channel entitled “Manhattan”. Which you might correctly guess deals with the Manhattan Project, the building of the first atomic bomb, though for this series it is using fictional characters to tell that story.

As you can see from that trailer, the series certainly looks period perfect and it seems the production designers went out of their way to ensure that the cast felt while on set that they were truly living at a top secret location in Los Alamos, N.M. in the 1940s. Especially with the liberal sprinkling of these types of propaganda posters.

Espionage Poster - Manhattan - WGN America

Silence - Manhattan - WGN America

See Something - Manhattan - WGN America

This series has an excess of talent with its cast and crew. The show itself was created by Sam Shaw (Masters of Sex, The Evidence) and is being produced by Thomas Schlamme (The West Wing), who also has directed one of the episodes.

Head of the Manhattan Project is Frank Winter, played by John Benjamin Hickey (The Big C, Law and Order). He is a singularly focused man that cares little for social niceties, and seems to not suffer fools lightly.

Glen Babbit is played by Daniel Stern (Diner, City Slickers) and was Winter’s former mentor and responsible for not only getting his friend and pupil assigned to the Manhattan Project but also bears the burden of keeping him out of trouble.

Charlie Isaacs (Ashley Zukerman) is the youngest winner of the Forbes prize in physics and newest member of the team. He brings with him his wife Abby and their young son. He has a connection with Winter as he was the sole voice of discontent on a popular theoretical paper the young man wrote.

As you saw in the trailer for the series, not everything is peachy for the families on the base, and that certainly includes Abby Isaacs, played by Rachel Brosnahan (House of Cards, The Blacklist).

Liza Winter is a Botanist, played by Olivia Williams (Rushmore, The Postman), and finds herself in a position of derision from the housewives and the scientists on the base, not being accepted by either side in social or professional circles.

So tune in or set your DVR to WGN America this Sunday at 9/8C and buckle up for what looks to be quite an enjoyable ride with Manhattan.


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