Is “Family Guy” a Remake of “Wait Till Your Father Gets Home”?

It’s a safe bet that Family Guy was created to cash in on the popularity of The Simpsons & everyone assumes that it’s some sort of ripoff of the Simpsons, but really the only things the two shows have in common is that they’re about a family with a fat dopey father. Family Guy actually has much more in common with the 70s cartoon Wait Till Your Father Gets Home. Look at the characters:

A wife with a pointy nose and a whiney nagging voice:

An older son who’s not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed:

A homely daughter who looks remarkably similar in both shows:

A younger son who seems to be the smartest person in the entire house:

…And even a chubby father who wears green pants:

Why, there’s even a neighbor who acts like he knows everything:

Basically, if you start with Wait Till Your Father Gets Home, take some of the father & oldest son’s intelligence away and give them to the dog, and you have Family Guy!

The similarities even extend into the musical style of the theme songs. Family Guy‘s theme song has always been in a retro/70s style, which just so happens to be the same era that Wait Till Your Father Gets Home is from.

Wait Till Your Father Gets Home intro

Family Guy intro


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