Jurassic World Teaser Poster!

Image courtesy of Ain't It Cool News.
Image courtesy of Ain’t It Cool News.

This teaser poster that was debuted over at Ain’t It Cool News makes me all manner of happy, the destroyed Jurassic Park Range Rover becoming a nest for the Raptor, great evidence that Ian Malcom was quite right with his comment that ” life, uh… finds a way.” I also like what little we can see of the construction on the new park, is that a man-made mountain or some type of building? Of course the color scheme for that part of the poster for reminds me of early Disney posters for Tomorrow Land, the Skyway in particular.

Skyway - Tomorrowland

I was wondering about that makeshift nest for the Raptor…maybe it’s the same Rover that the T-Rex pushed over the edge of the wall in the first Jurassic Park film? On the post over at Ain’t It Cool it was mentioned “JURASSIC WORLD director Colin Trevorrow has Tweeted the San Diego Comic Con exclusive poster for his upcoming film, saying it’ll be “available at SDCC to a resourceful few.””

Who knows what that comment might mean…perhaps Comic-Con attendees should keep an eye out for vehicles or people who are dressed as Jurassic Park employees?

While we wait for any announcements this week about the upcoming film, why not take a moment and check out this awesome behind the scenes footage from the Stan Winston School of Character Art YouTube page.


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