Retroist Junk Box: Just When It Thought It Was Out They Pulled It Back In

Hey Kids, Your Boy IseeRobots Here again. So, right when I thought that the box was coming back home to a loving California Embrace I totally remembered that at one point, for who knows why I rerouted it past New Jersey and our boy RetroArt and right up to New York, again, I don’t remember why I did that.

So to make a wrong into a right I sent it back there at the earliest opportunity. According to my original notes RetroArt was supposed to be the character on the list but he wound up being 2nd to last. Sorry man.

At any rate he got the box and quickly sent out a bunch of pics for our perusal as well as some thoughts in the form of a dope email. He said it was cool to share and I thought it was share worthy so here goes…

Let me tell you, by the time it got to me, the Retroist Junk Box was more shipping tape than box!

In fact I had to use a new box because my local post office wouldn’t believe me that it was originally a USPS Priority Mail flat rate box.
So I had to use a brand new box to continue this junks’ journey- but I flattened and included the original box in the new box because, well, look at it!
That box has become a piece of punk Pop Art in my opinion.

I pulled out a bunch of stuff that I had interest in sitting down and perusing through this Summer.
That SWEATIN’ TO THE OLDIES VHS tape is one of the best items I pulled- it’ll help me get in shape for the beach a lot quicker than my current physical fitness regimen which is doing absolutely nothing.

Out of all the items pulled (the majority pulled by my four kids who thought this was a Big Box O’Awesomeness!) my personal favorite is the little, green Bat Creature which I’m guessing is a vintage Deiner rubber eraser figure.

As to what I added to the Box, it’s a sampling of all the different type of stuff I’ve been collecting over the years.
I just hope that it adds to the retro-ness of the Box and it all goes to happy, new homes.
Thanks again for routing the box my way, and look forward for Retroist Junk Box 2: Retro Boogaloo!

Awesome, let’s take a look at the pics. The first one is of the battle damaged box.


Ya, that’s pretty much bombed out at depleted.. Let’s take a peek at his next snapshot. It’s of the overall contents of the trunk of junk..


That’s a lot of stuff and what’s cool to me is that most of the stuff I started it off with is gone. It’s like a whole new box, well, I guess it’s not like a whole new box it IS a whole new box huh? Ok, so let’s take a peek at the stuff RetroArt decided he couldn’t live without…


That’s a lot of stuff! What our kid expressed to me was that he wanted to take it up a notch and share some cool things from his personal collection of retro swag and to do that he had to remove a lot of things to make room for the new because the box was practically overflowing with generosity. I totally dig that. Before we move onto the donation side he sent a pic of his favorite thing. This awesome green eraser. Anyone know who put that in there?


Ok. here goes.. The donations…


That’s some good stuff! look at all those Viewmaster reels! Dude is practically the Viemaster General up in here! and those Star Wars card wrappers are great too! Really cool stuff RetroArt. Take a bow, You came correct. What is that Betty Crocker thing though and what does it say on that UFO magazine? I can’t make it out…

So after the harrowing trip back East the box is finally back in Cali. My hometown of Santa Rosa to be exact. This is the final stop for Retroist Junk Box Take One. Keep your ear to the street for part two.. I’m gonna let it percolate for a minute before starting up again. Give it a little time to build up demand, ya dig?

Well kids, that’s enough from me today. Want a little more stuff like this in your life? Hop on over to Facebook and give your boy, Iseerobots, a big thumbs up. You won’t be sorry for long. Ask anyone.


Reigning County Fair Comic Book Trivia Champion, Overall doer of good things and general winner. Keep your hoodies on and your boots laced.

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7 thoughts on “Retroist Junk Box: Just When It Thought It Was Out They Pulled It Back In

  1. Oh man RetroArt, did you look at the Gremlins stickers with the 3D glasses? It took me a little while after I purchased them off ebay to figure out that the stickers were indeed done in 3D. I just thought they were blurry for some reason. Its kind of crappy 3D but still.

    And my local post office at first tried to charge me by the pound because she couldn’t tell that the box was flat-rate one.

  2. Oh man. I love how with every single one of these updates I just want the box to come back around to my neck of the woods so I can get a chance to grab more cool stuff! :)

  3. I didn’t know the GREMLINS stickers were suppose to be 3D- I too thought it was crappy offset printing.
    And, yeah, the Retroist Junk Box had to “upgraded” to a recognizable flat-rate box.
    As to exactly what I put into the Box, here’s a rundown (going left to right starting in the back):

    (back row, L to R)
    • PEOPLE Weekly’s “The Most Intriguing People of 1981”
    • TINY SHOPPING CENTER Press-Out Book as seen in the retroist post: (url)
    • Warren Magazines’ THE GOBLIN with great vintage mail-away SW/TESB toys ads.
    • UFO REPORT magazine from the 70s proclaiming, “Major Breakthrough: How UFOs Navigate! The Vortac Beacon”

    (middle row, L to R)
    • vintage Milton Bradley games brochure from the late ‘50s/early ‘60s.
    • a vintage 5¢ coupon for JOY circa late ‘50s.
    • Betty Crocker Party Sticks (plastic toothpicks) with plastic clams at the tops- enjoy!
    • GE Show ’N Tell filmstrip & record set, “Sounds From The Stars” for your retro edutainment.
    • a McD’s Happy Meal toy of some kind of Penguin vehicle from BATMAN 2.
    • another McD Happy Meal item- Power Rangers bag from early ‘90s.
    • a classic ATARI games catalog from the late ‘70s.
    • multiples of vintage trading card wrappers of STAR WARS and TESB.

    (front row, L to R)
    • a vintage Pocket Adder that “Adds up to $99.99”! Today, that would add up only two bags of groceries.
    • 8mm film reel of Abbott & Costello, “Have Badge, Will Chase”.
    • vintage GAF View-Master viewer for all the reels I put in.
    • View-Master set of ISIS, the live-action Saturday AM show from the ‘70s.
    • View-Master set of ELECTROWOMAN & DYNAGIRL, another live-action Saturday AM show from the ‘70s.
    • View-Master set of Michael Jackson’s THRILLER- possibly the most awesome thing in the box currently! 3D shots taken on the set of the actual music video. You’re there with Michael!

    So, there you have it. I gave the Junk Box a healthy transfusion of Retro. And kitsch. And hopefully awesomeness.

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