This 1992 News Clip Wonders If Laserdiscs Will Replace The VHS Format

I picked up my first Laserdisc player around 1994, thanks in no small part to a fellow co-worker at the Razorback Theater. Roger had a huge collection of Laserdiscs and at that time well before DVD’s it afforded a young cinephile the opportunity to lay their hands on some truly special releases such as the Extended Edition of Aliens, or the spectacular and rather expensive box set releases for Walt Disney’s Archive Editions of Tron and the Nightmare Before Christmas. These were packed to the breaking point with extra features as well as interviews and commentaries that made the $40 to $100 purchase worth while.

Image courtesy of stiGGy's Blog.
Image courtesy of stiGGy’s Blog.

By the time I switched over to DVD I had amassed a fair collection of Laserdisc titles myself with 79 films and TV series that I do still possess today and if I were to have more space in the living room I would have the player hooked up right this second.

So it was nice to stumble across this video uploaded by Scott Simpson on his YouTube channel, sharing a news clip from 1992 that aired on WGRZ-TV in Buffalo focusing on whether the Laserdisc was going to have the muscle to push out the VHS format.

A big thanks to stiGGy’s Blog for sharing that photo of the Archive Edition of Tron you see above.


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