I Found My Dragon’s Lair Sticker Book From 1983!

I was picking up some of boxes of stuff from my Grandmother’s house yesterday, a few board games and Colorforms sets when at the bottom I found an old battered notebook. While it had originally been purchased for school of course, once I was bit by the Dragon’s Lair bug it quickly became a scrapbook filled with photocopied magazine articles on Don Bluth and the “success” of the Laserdisc game and it’s saving of the arcade industry. It also became the place that I applied the Dragon’s Lair stickers I hoarded like a miser…and still do to this day.

Dragon's Lair Stickers B

Let’s take a closer look at some of these stickers. I would proudly point out that “I have conquered Dragon’s Lair” sticker to anyone that would look at my notebook…though it was due to a Laserdisc skip, it glitched and jumped to the point where Dirk hurls his sword into Singe. So in my young mind…I had sort of won the game.
Dragon's Lair Stickers C

Look at how much blood there is when Dirk cuts that tentacle!
Dragon's Lair Stickers D

Dragon's Lair Stickers E

I didn’t have time tonight to scan all of the notebook but I’ll certainly share more when I can!


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