Aurora Zing Tennis


Sadly I never got to play Aurora Zing Tennis. I had never even heard of it until a friend of mine who is a table tennis enthusiast started asking me about it. A quick search and I found this commercial from the mid-1970s and I think it looks pretty cool. It is similar to table tennis, but you play it on an angled table with these special zingers.

From what I hear the game retailed for about $15 bucks in 1975 and could be really challenging if you played with people who practiced a lot and could master the fancy shots.


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One thought on “Aurora Zing Tennis

  1. “Defeat? It ain’t de feet, it’s de hands!”
    De feet or de hands, it de doesn’t de matter; de game looks REALLY deefeecult to get good at.
    One thing I didn’t have when I was a kid was the power of persistence.
    However, I was a big fan of Aurora’s various Skittle games.
    Probably because they had an easier skill level.

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