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Coleco Want Ads in Dragon Magazine

I was at the flea market the other day, ya, shocking. So, anyway I was there and came up on a small stack of Dragon and Dungeon Magazines. In it I found some wonderful Coleco Want Ads. I love Dragon, which was TSR’s Player magazine while sister publication, Dungeon was for Dungeon Masters and featured modules and whatnot for their use behind the screen. That wasn’t so much to my taste. I never DM’ed so I didn’t get that much of a kick reading DM things.

Until you dig into an old issue of Dragon you forget how many different role-playing games there were at the time. Dudes, there were millions. I forgot about the whole subculture of play by mail games. I used to play one about Pro Wrestling. It was totally fun but my dude “George The Grappling Gourmet” never really got the push he deserved.

Let’s not worry about that though. What really caught my eye and got me sitting here in front of my laptop were those help wanted ads that Coleco bought in Dragon looking for programmers.

Here is the first one. It’s from July of 1983:


So, what makes me laugh about this job-posting is the part at the bottom that says, Coleco ’83, YOUR VISION IS OUR VISION. They are basically, in their recruiting catch phrase no less telling you that if you come up with a good idea, a vision as it were, it is OURS.

I guess that way you can’t complain if they make skrillions off of a game that you created and you don’t see a skrill. You knew what you were getting in to when you signed up, but that sort of thinking on the owners side lead to stuff like The Adventure Easter Egg and the formation of Activision a few years earlier.

The next month they ran this ad. It’s a little more business like. Let’s take a look.


Here is what catches my eye in this one. In their first advertisement they were looking for someone with 2-5 years experience and this go around they only want 1-3 years.

When I read the first listing I thought that it might be a little far-fetched to hope for programmers with that kind of experience. It’s 1983. Dude, 5 years experience in 1983 puts you back in the days when computers were as big as Dish Washers. That’s a bit of an exaggeration but the late 70’s were pretty early in the game.

I’m thinking that they were recruiting cats to work on The Adam, The Adam was released later that year, October of 1983 if my research rings true. That’s just conjecture though.. They could have been looking for dudes to program Colecovision games or to work on their popular series of tabletop games for all I know.

Anyway, it’s interesting stuff. I don’t have any of the magazines immediately past this point though so I don’t know if they continued their scouting in Dragon of if it proved fruitless. Someone should look into that…

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