M.A.S.K., the Cartoon and Toy Line, Not the Deeply Sad Eric Stoltz Movie


M.A.S.K. was a combination of G.I. Joe—secret agents fighting extragovernmental terrorist cells—and Transformers—cars turning into action-boats and such. And God I loved it. I haven’t looked at any clips since 1986 until now, when finding a YouTube link for this post. It probably didn’t age well. You know what probably also wasn’t so good? I would make M.A.S.K. toys out of my Legos, and in my judgment then and my memory now, they were IMPECCABLE recreations.

Okay, it held up a little, owing to the Tron vectors and boat explosions, but I can’t condone rhyming “fighting crime” with “fighting crime.”

Brian Boone

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