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I am Monstermatt Patterson . You might know me from movies or my books , artwork , bad monster jokes, etc. Wait…why do I hear the sound of crickets chirping?! Anyway, I find myself here, in the Retroist universe, by way of DeLorean, to bring you some non-insightful, but hopefully entertaining, views on retro things.

Some of my favorite retro things are Batman related. I’m an unrepentant Bat-nerd! I occasionally search area markets, auction sites and conventions that I’m a guest at, for vintage monster/superhero toys. Once in a while, I get lucky and reclaim a bit of childhood gold.

It just so happens, that I did obtain a vintage Batman Durham Action Hero Pocket Puppet. According to the card art, there is a Superman version. I don’t recall the packaging at all. But, I only wanted the Batman. It’s thick plastic with a few riveted joints and not completely articulated.


When I searched for this odd Bat treasure previously, I wasn’t sure what company made him. I knew the rough time-table, and my searching turned up a lot of broad-based Bat merch. But, eventually I found an image of a toy in a lot for sale. That led to a key word … Durham. Which led down a few vintage toy avenues and after losing a few auctions over the years, I finally nabbed the prize! It’s been almost 40 years since I had this Bat toy and it felt great to open up the package and see it again! It was not expensive by any means. Ten dollars, in gently used condition. A minor scuff here and there. I have to say that I laughed out loud when it was at last within my grasp.


I did have this as a Little Monster. I would be roughly 4 years old. I remember taking part in the North Tonawanda Public Library “Story Time” and having this Bat toy with me most of the time. Well before starting kindergarten. It didn’t matter if it was watching films, being read to, or getting books – the Caped Crusader and I were ready to spring into action, if a librarian needed our aid. What’s that?! An overdue book?! Not on our watch!!


These sessions left me hungry and my father or grandparents, would pick me up and take me to the McDonald’s down the street. Batman puppet and I were on the lookout for an evil genius named the Hamburglar, in between bites of a burger with tiny onion pieces and double pickles. Then, it was off to home with hopes of catching the real Dynamic Duo (Adam West & Burt Ward) in reruns on Channel 29 from Grand Island.

Please join me here again in the future dear reader for another Bat adventure … Same Bat Time! Same Bat Channel!


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