Scream Factory Presents: Deadly Eyes (Review)

Image courtesy of Scream Factory.
Image courtesy of Scream Factory.

Did the original Willard make you feel they wimped out on the amount of rats? Did Food of the Gods leave you famished for even more giant rat carnage? Then this is your lucky day because our friends over at Scream Factory are releasing the 1982 cult classic Deadly Eyes in a Blu-Ray/DVD combo on 7/15!

Deadly Eyes (Which is also known as Night Eyes, The Rats, and Rats) was directed by Robert Clouse (Enter the Dragon, Game of Death) and focuses on an assault on the citizens of Toronto by giant rats after well meaning Health Inspector Kelly Leonard (Sara Botsford) enforces the destruction of a large shipment of contaminated grain, which just so happens to be full of steroids….and happens to be their home. The “super rats” are forced to go underground in search of shelter and seek out other food sources.

Paul Harris (Sam Groom) is a High School teacher and basketball coach who crosses paths with Kelly while visiting one of his star players in the hospital, who just so happened to have his hand bitten by one of the rats, which is why the Health Inspector is there. They have a bit of immediate chemistry and a relationship begins when they bump into each other in the park later on. A romance that is threatened by the unwanted advances of one of Paul’s students, Trudy White (Lisa Langlois), who has set her sights on her teacher as her next romantic conquest.

During all of this the rats continue to spread out and when Kelly insists her co-worker, George Foskins (Scatman Crothers), investigate a section of the sewers…well…the rats certainly appreciate the order to go.

You might think that giant super rats living in the sewers and subways of the city would be the worse thing to happen but it just so happens that the Mayor is about to open a new subway line allowing even more access to the city! Can Paul and Kelly do anything to halt the deadly advance of the rats before the vermin use the city and it’s panicked citizens as their personal buffet?

Well, you’ll just have to pick up Deadly Eyes and find out that answer for yourself. As can be expected from a Scream Factory release they have included a bevy of Special Features:

New interviews with actors Lisa Langlois, Lesleh Donaldson and Joseph Kelly, writer Charles Eglee, art director Ninkey Dalton, special effects artists Alan Apone and Alec Gillis.
TV Spot

I might add that Lesleh Donaldson who plays Martha, the best friend to Trudy, has an incredibly awesome horror resume as she at that point was cast in Funeral Home and Happy Birthday to Me, and then went on to appear in Curtains before leaving the genre and lending her voice talent to the Droids animated series as Kea Moll.

Even though Deadly Eyes hits store shelves tomorrow you can still pre-order it by following the link provided up top! Be warned though…after seeing the film you’ll have to keep telling yourself that those noises at night have to be the house settling…surely there isn’t a horde of super rats trying to gnaw through the walls to get to you, right?

Deadly Eyes


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