I Guess Rod Serling Was Getting Inspiration From Those Three Emmys!

Image courtesy of Chaths Imgur Page.
Image courtesy of Chaths Imgur Page.

I have might have once or twice mentioned my complete devotion to Twilight Zone creator, Rod Serling. No other Television or Film writer’s works have constantly entertained me and influenced me as much as Serling’s work or those handful of writers he surrouned himself with on the original Twilight Zone and Night Gallery anthology series.

I really like this behind the scenes shot of Serling, uploaded thanks to Chaths Imgur Page. Serling in deep thought smoking a cigar with three of what would eventually be a collection of six Emmys for Primetime Television work on the bookshelf behind him. Two of those six Emmys were for his work on the Twilight Zone, Two for Playhouse 90, One for Kraft Television Theatre, and one for Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre.

In fact this is the perfect time to watch Playhouse 90’s 1956 presentation of “Requiem for a Heavy Weight”, the script that Serling won his second Emmy for in 1957.

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