Little Caesars Cheeser! Cheeser!


In the early 1990s I started seeing commercials for Little Caesars pizza. I have to admit, even though I had plenty of pizza places locally that I enjoyed, I was intrigued by their ad campaign and their promise of super cheesy low-cost pizza. The problem is, I never lived close enough to one to give them a try. I even had a crazy stunt I wanted to try on one my pizzas. I was going to ask if one the four extra toppings that they were offering on my pizza could also be cheese? If so that would have been Little Caesars Cheeser! Cheeser! Cheeser! Cheeser! Cheeser! Cheeser!


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One thought on “Little Caesars Cheeser! Cheeser!

  1. I once took one of the bigass bags of 2 caesars pizzas into a burger king to eat. They were right across the street from each other, caesars had no place to sit, burger king had crappy food (but free drink refills), so it was a perfect solution. I was rather surprised that nobody said a word about it, but then again I did buy drinks at BK, so I was a paying customer. *shrug*

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