Mutant Fighter!

Mutant Fighter!

Mutant Fighter Marquee

Image courtesy of the Arcade Flyer Archive.
Image courtesy of the Arcade Flyer Archive.

Working at the Arkadia Retrocade I have found myself once or twice surprised by an arcade title that I not only have never played but didn’t even know it existed. Case in point, today when I came in there was a new game in our party room (Generally when we get a new title it goes into the party room until we can find a spot for it on the floor) entitled “Mutant Fighter”.

Now the first thing that caught my eye was the shape of this particular cabinet.

Mutant Fighter - Arkadia Retrocade

This used to house a Dragon’s Lair…and further proof of that was waiting by the coin door.


Mutant Fighter was released by Data East in 1991 and is known as Death Brade: Mutant Fighters in Japan, it also seems to have a slight connection to 1989’s Hippodrome as some of the characters are similar. You play as one of eight fighters cast into a deadly wrestling tournament. You can choose from the likes of Fighter, Amazoness, Hercules, Werewolf, Minotaur, Golem, Beast, and a Dragon.

I didn’t get to play the game very long but thankfully Jan Doedel has uploaded a run through of the game as Amazoness.

A big thanks as always to the Arcade Flyer Archive for the awesome scan of the original flyers you see up.


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