The Retroist Junk Box: Two Cool Kids In A Chick fil-A Parking Lot Eating Candy

Hi kids your boy IseeRobots here again with the latest on the Traveling Trunk Of Retro Funk, The Retroist Junk Box! So when we last left the The Box it was in the loving hands of noted author Doug McCoy, snug as a big in a rug. Eventually all good things must come to an end though and after a few joyous days it was time for Doug to let go.

Next on the list was our pal Frank who as fortune had it lived within spitting distance of Doug. What an awesome turn of events! So Doug being the friendly chap that he is agreed to meet up with Frank in The Chic fil-A parking lot. Sound like a gas, no really, I’m totally not being sarcastic.


Here’s Frank with The Box and some comics Doug kicked down. Star Brand, I love that book. What’s also cool is that I totally have that shirt that Frank is rocking! I wore it yesterday.


And here’s Doug maxing and relaxing in the parking lot with The Box and some Nestles, DJ Darko’s candies if I remember right. I hope I’m right, I’d hate to offend but I’m also too lazy to go back and check it out. So, anyway dig this, I also have that shirt! The Atari one! I’m wearing it right now. Seriously. I also have the same crew cut style hair cut but that’s not important, I mean none of this is actually important but anyway….

To get back on topic Doug and Frank hung out for a minute, agreed to Bro Date to California Extreme, an awesome Video Game extravaganza we have around these parts.( I’m fixin’ to go too so I’ll have to keep an eye out for those dudes.) Then they ate up the candy cuz it was too big to fit in the box (right….) and went their separate ways. Let’s move on to the business at hand and take a look at the stuff.


The first thing I notice here is that smiley face box under the desk… Creepy. What is that doll looking thing in the upper right hand corner? Weird. Is this a workplace? Frank, let us know about that I’m really curious. Let’s move on……

Ok, here is the stuff that he ganked.


The catalog didn’t last long at all. I really thought that I had a shot at it. Oh well. What can you do? Besides cry, I’m crying right now. There is nothing here that I donated as far as I can tell. It’s all good stuff though. Comics are ALWAYS cool and that Castlevania book is prolly a good read. Is that a Batman audio cassette? I wanna know about that.. Is that a Mad Ball? I think so.

Now let’s take a peek at the stuff he donated to the cause.


I LOVE that Hasselhoff figure and totally dig those video game mags. I really dig magazines. Are those Batman Party invites over on the left? Maybe. It’s all good. Great job Frank!

So, we have one more stop on the Junk Box Chain. A cat in New Jersey that I totally forgot! Totally weak on my part.So anyway,kid’s it’s been real. Seriously, It’s been a hoot an a half. We’re prolly gonna start the box up again after a while so keep your ear to the street for any updates and be ready to register at the drop of a dime. Spots fill up quick. Just kidding. There is room for everyone!

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Reigning County Fair Comic Book Trivia Champion, Overall doer of good things and general winner. Keep your hoodies on and your boots laced.

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6 thoughts on “The Retroist Junk Box: Two Cool Kids In A Chick fil-A Parking Lot Eating Candy

  1. Yep those are totally Batman party invites. The smiley face box was just a box that we put eyebrows on. Unfortunately that was him sticking out of my recycle bin because I was running out of room on my desk at work. The doll in the upper right is the feet of a Chewbaca stand up doll from the Star Wars exhibit at the Tech Museum in San Jose.

    Looks like I messed up a bit. I took the pictures before I finished packing and had to keep a few extra things so I could seal it shut. I held on to the School House Rock VHS tapes but forgot to keep the Star Brand #1 and it ended up back in the box. Super bummer.

    As for the 1981 Sears catalog, I’ve got it here at the end of my desk for my coworkers to check out. I’ll drop it into the next retro junk box for sure. It must be shared.

  2. I DO love me some Nestle Crunch! Good memory, my friend!
    As for the paper doll in the far left corner of the pic, that came from my pal Cornpone. I’ll have to ask him again what the name of the doll is. Glad to see that Frank grabbed the little ET doll. That looked so freakin’ sweet! A nice haul, in all.

  3. blinddog says:

    I’m also going to be at California Extreme this weekend so I’ll keep an eye out for you guys. Are you going Saturday or Sunday?

  4. It’s this weekend? Frug! I thought that it was next weekend. Man, OK, I think I can get around my plans. If I can figure it out it’d be Sunday. Looks like an awesome time. I’ve never gone. I keep planning stuff at the same time. Summer get’s busy sometimes. Lots of great things popping off.

  5. blinddog says:

    I’m planning on being there Saturday. I might be able to swing by for a little bit Sunday sometime but it seems unlikely at this point. I’m planning on hanging out with some old friends well I’m in town

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