Quisp Cereal Rings

A few years ago Quisp cereal was appearing in stores in my area again and I went hog-wild for the stuff. I also started looking at Quisp related merchandise online and attempting to find it in the real world. I have been to a lot of flea markets and garage sales and not once did I spot anything Quisp related. I was especially interested in the Quisp rings that they included as premiums in the box back in 1966. Hake’s has jaw-droppingly good examples of the whistle ring and the rare friendship ring available on their current auction if you would like to acquaint yourself with the objects of my desire.



I really like to find a good bargain out in the world, but when you see things in such pristine condition being sold by a reputable dealer, it is hard not to just pull the trigger.


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