The Strange Saga Of The Dr.Strange Mego

The Strange Saga Of The Dr.Strange Mego

Hey kids! Your boy IseeRobots here! I don’t know if you know this because I totally didn’t but back in the day The 70’s Toy Giant Mego had a plan to make a Dr. Strange action figure. That’s not a wild idea or anything. Strange is one of the cornerstones of the Marvel Universe so really it was weird that they hadn’t made one already, or ever!


Ever? What do you mean by that? I thought you just said that they were making one! Well, let me explain. They had a plan to poop one out in 1978 after what they imagined was going to be a successful TV movie about the Sorcerer Supreme. The Problem was that the movie was terrible and did terrible in the ratings. The whole project was scrapped.

The second problem for Mego was that they had already started churning out heads for the figure. What to do? What to do indeed…


A few years down the line Mego was offered the opportunity to work with designer jean manufacturer Jordache on a toy line and who better to male model designer dungarees than Earths Sorcerer Supreme himself Dr. Strange.


What? Yep! That totally happened. It cracks me up. I don’t know what’s worse, A Jordache Doll or not only not having a Dr.Strange but having his head attached to some crummy Ken Doll knockoff. A fate worse than death. Well, maybe not, he probably got to make out with girl dolls more often than the average Mego so he has that going for him..

Here is a mock-up I found of what the Mego might have looked like. It’s a lot like what you imagine a Dr.Strange Mego would resemble..


He has more mustache than The Jordache Dude but that’s a privileged that comes with Sorcerer Supreme Status.

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  1. And you could use him for a custom Alex Trebek Mego!

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