The Making of Douglas Trumbull’s classic film, “Silent Running” (1972)


In 1972 a sci-fi film called “Silent Running” hit theaters and immediately began building a dedicated fan base. The film, which stars the amazing Bruce Dern as an ecologist/botanist who refuses to let go of the plants and animals he has been charged with caring for in a spaceship despite orders from his superiors.

I did not get to see “Silent Running” in the theaters when it came out, but encountered it one afternoon on local TV and was smitten. Eventually I would track it down on VHS and from that point on would try to share the film with anyone who had not seen it.

In the DVD release of the film, they included a “making of” featurette that clocks in at a whopping 49 minutes. If you haven’t seen it, the entirety of it has been posted online for your viewing pleasure. Hopefully, if you are a fan, it will give you a deeper appreciation for this film and if you are not a fan, perhaps it will coax you into revisiting “Silent Running”.


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