Retro Summer Jams and Preserves


School’s out for summer, vacation is upon us, kids are cruising the main streets, and everyone’s looking for some fun. However, you may still be stuck at your desk, toiling away during the summer days, so let your friends here at the Retroist at least take your mind away with some killer summer tunes that we put together in a friendly Spotify playlist.

*To note: you’ll need a Spotify account (which is free to get) in order to listen to this playlist. Clicking on a song will prompt a pop-up box that asks you to sign in or complete the task by launching the Spotify app on your own device.)

Take a listen, maybe let it play in the background while you’re at work or working at home (although it would be pretty sweet if you could turn it up to 10 and set off down the highway with the top down, wouldn’t it?)

Also feel free to comment away and let us know which songs scream “summer” to you, and we’ll work on putting together some reader playlists. Enjoy!


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-DJ Darko, Your Pop Culture Mixologist

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