A Couple of Easter Eggs From ALF you might have Missed

A Couple of Easter Eggs From ALF you might have Missed

I was watching ALF last night and picked up on something interesting; ALF was reading a Transformers comic!

Being something of a Transformers nut I promptly went and looked at cover galleries online to find what issue it was, it was #41 “Totalled”, Unfortunately I couldn’t find a good quality clip online to get a screenshot from, but when I saw it on the Hub network the resolution & color were good, more than good enough to match up with the cover galleries. I even found a pic of the back cover which can also be seen in the screenshot.




When I was scanning through the clip to find the right spot I noticed something else; At just shy of the 9-minute mark, Brian is reading a Heathcliff’s Funhouse comic (and it just so happens to be an issue that I actually own). We can see in the screenshot that this issue has the custom GI Joe figure mail-in form that has been talked about here before.



This creates some interesting licensing issues. The Transformers comics of the day were published by Marvel, the Heathcliff comic was published by Marvel’s Star imprint (and later by Marvel directly), and ALF’s own comic was published by Marvel. The owners of the ALF show however have no connection to Marvel, nor to Heathcliff nor Transformers. On the flip side, Transformers is owned by Hasbro, who also owns the Hub network which is currently airing the ALF reruns.

For those who are interested, this is all in Season 4, Episode 13, “It’s My Party”.


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  1. The only connection I think ALF has to Heathcliff is that ALF would quickly tell you how delicious it would be to eat that cat. Hah!

  2. In the scene above, ALF probably thinks that Brian is reading a take-out menu. :p

  3. Ha! He is staring at it like I stare at a cheeseburger.

  4. Nice catch.
    For a couple of years I’ve been keeping track of when comics appear in movies/TV…I’m up to 60, so you can play at home at how many of these comics you’ve also read.
    So far I’ve only been using images I acquire, but I’ve bookmarked this article in case I branch out (using other sources), and I’ll be sure to give you props.


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