Behind The Scenes: The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951)

Image courtesy of Join You In The Sun's Imgur Album.
Image courtesy of Join You In The Sun’s Imgur Album.

In 1951 I doubt that Director Robert Wise realized he with his cast and crew were making one of the absolute classic Sci-Films of all time. There is so much greatness going on with the film from Michael Rennie’s (The Robe) performance as Klaatu, the emissary from the stars who is here to give us a stern warning about our destructive habits. The beautiful Patricia Neal (Hud) who plays Helen Benson, the woman who becomes mixed up in Klaatu’s escape from the Government. Plus you have great character actors like Sam Jaffe (Ben-Hur) and Frances Bavier (The Andy Griffith Show) as supporting characters.

Then of course you have Klaatu’s robotic companion…and enforcer, Gort. Who in the behind the scenes photo you see above, provided by Join You In The Sun, looks like he is about one step away from going off that gangplank.

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