Boy, Was Boy Krazy Krazy


“That’s What Love Can Do” by girl group Boy Krazy was the last hit for British pop music factory Stock-Aitken-Waterman, who also gave us Rick Astley and Bananarama. As you can tell by this 1993 time capsule, the 1993 standard of beauty for women was pretty much Wilson Phillips, but with more chokers, dark lipstick, and Samuel L. Jackson hats. Also, the video employs the classic but confusing music video trope of “we are making a music video.” The result is so much B-roll and plot footage and finished product and casual footage and staged footage that the members of Boy Krazy look so different from one scene to the next that it’s impossible to tell how many members of Boy Krazy there were. As little as three? As many as 35?

Brian Boone

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