Hans Zimmer is Going for Gold

Going For Gold

Put your hands up if you know who Hans Zimmer is? Good, that’s lots of you then. You probably know him as the composer of many modern film soundtracks, and if you’re a regular reader, you might also know that he (hasn’t) recently re-composed the Jaws soundtrack.

Like you, I know him for his soundtrack work too. However, I also have an unusual fact floating around in my brain – in 1987, the German composed the theme tune for British television game show ‘Going for Gold’. This theme tune is a bit of a soft rock number and is really very good!

Want to sing along? Then you’ll need the lyrics:

The heat is on
The time is right
It’s time for you…
…for you to play your game
’cause, people are coming
Everyone’s trying
Trying to be the best that they can
When they’re going for, going for gold!

I used to love this show but as it aired whilst I was at school, I rarely got to watch. Thanks to Youtube though, you can still catch some episodes, including the first episode:

Until watching this first episode I had no idea the show format was tied to the 1988 Seoul Olympic games.

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