Retroist Junk Box Update: Still Caught Between The Moon And New York City

Hey kids. Your boy IseeRobots here again with another update on the roaming receptacle of retro junk we know as The Junk Box! Yay! This week we’re gonna get a double shot of our baby’s love and a double dose of retro junk as I’m combining two box moves into one SUPER UPDATE!

After last week’s brilliant post by our pal DJ Darko, the box quickly moved from hand to hand before achieving escape velocity up and out of NYC.

Let’s take this slow though, after leaving Darko and her pal’s Cornpone’s memories in the dust the box first went to Retroist dude DDSW who was cool enough to share these pics with us. Let’s take a look.


That there is the stuff that he took out of the box, not bad. That’s a really neat camera and HEY! That’s my truck! Cool! and that Charles in Charge book is really neat too. I’d read that if I had it.. I’ve never played Desert Falcon. Is it cool? It has a cool name. and Nabooti! Who didn’t get some giggles out of that as a kid? Good stuff man.

Now let’s take a look at the stuff that he put in the box. Should be awesome right?


Wow! I don’t talk about it here very much but I am a huge collector of Minimates and as an enthusiast let me tell you, that Ozzy Osbourne one is pretty great. It’s an earlier one from before they shrunk them down a bit. Really great. What wrestler is that? Chris Benoit? Yikes! I dig those VHS tapes too. Really neat, and what is that Pac Man ball? IDK but it’s cool. Great dude. Cool stuff.

So after a day or so with the Box DDSW sent the it off to fellow Brooklynite, Roman.

There was a small shipping SNAFU along the way but the silly USPS delivered the box with insufficient postage included! Chalk up one for the home team, us!

So Roman got the box and immediately went to work and sent us this pic. Let’s take a peek!


Now, that’s a pic of the box’s total contents. It’s cool to see that almost everything that I started it off with is gone. Good riddance! No, it’s cool to think that something of yours is chilling in someone else’s house though.

Ok, so let’s move on to the stuff that he took out. Here we go, well actually my mistake. He didn’t include a pic only a note that he took the Jughead shirt and Battle Of The Planets book. Pretty meager compared to what he put in. Let’s peep it out.


Dudes, here is an inventory he included.

Sears 1981 Wish Book
2 1984 Original Marvel Transformers Comics
1 Sealed Nestlelog 80’s Crunch Tin box with Crunch Bar candies
5x Sour Smog Balls candys (every child in the 80’s loved those..myself included) (me too!)

OMG! I covet that Wishbook more than I covet my neighbor’s Donkey and he has a great burro, let me tell you! UGH! I need to see its sweet contents! Please make it back to me!!! Great job Roman, that might be the single best item in the box…

Ok, kids, that’s about it for this week. We are getting near the end of the line for the good ol’ Junk Box and I wanted to ask you guys if you thought we should do another go around or maybe just call it a day and consider this a nice time had by all? Any newbies interested in joining in? Maybe some Retroist vets? Let me know. I’m interested in the feedback…

If you got a minute hop on over to Facebook and give your boy, Iseerobots, a big thumbs up. You won’t be sorry for long


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