25 Years Ago Today A Little Movie Called “Batman” Was Released In Theaters.

Batman 1989
On June 23, 1989 I like many of you were standing in line waiting to see a little movie being released by Warner Bros. entitled “Batman”. To say it became a phenomonon is a bit of an understatement as within a few weeks Batmania had taken the country by storm. Still we have to remember how different the movie going public was at that time especially in regards to a movie based on a comic book character which is why even the investors on the film had to be convinced about the direction of the film and character and were presented this preview back in the day.

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Batman 1989 B

I still have quite a bit of fondness for the 1989 film and to this day at the end of the movie where Batman is standing vigil over Gotham and the Bat-Signal shines in the night sky as Danny Elfman’s glorious soundtrack washes over…I still get a lump in my throat.

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A scene that wouldn’t be topped for me until three years later with this moment in 1992’s Batman Returns.

Batman Returns

If you are a fan of Tim Burton’s Batman films then make sure to hop over to 1989Batman.Com and check out all of their awesome interviews and videos…like fans celebrating the 25th Anniversary of 1989’s Batman.

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5 thoughts on “25 Years Ago Today A Little Movie Called “Batman” Was Released In Theaters.

  1. I never got to see this one in theaters, but it saw a lot of play when it finally came out on VHS. Funny, but I actually like the film more after all these years. Maybe it’s because I get all the references now. There was a lot of dialog that kinda went over my head.

  2. I had a full set of the collector cards that came out for this movie, and the full second set (which generated confusion because it came out just before the second movie, so you were never quite sure if it was a second set based on the first movie or the first set based on the second movie. Of course, having had the complete set I know that it was the second set for the first movie (I’m not sure if the second movie even got any cards).)

  3. What I remember most about this movie is the fact that it presented batman in a new, dark, light for the first time (I never read the comics back then). Up until this came out the only batman media most of us were familiar with was the very campy 60s tv series & the almost as campy saturday morning toons such as superfriends. Superman had some darkness portrayed in his movies from the 70s, but ironically the dark knight was only ever portrayed as a purely comedic hero. I think the shock & awe factor of batman suddenly being portrayed this way was the primary factor in what made this movie such a runaway hit.

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