Claws & Saucers By David Elroy Goldweber (Review)

Claws & Saucers - David Elroy Goldweber
A couple of months back, Mr. Goldweber was kind enough to contact me to see if I would possibly wish to review his revised edition of Claws & Saucers: Science Fiction, Horror, and Fantasy Film complete guide 1902 – 1982. It had originally come out in 2012 and was well received but in two years he found a few more films that deserved to be placed in the book.

Let me state that I am the target audience for this tome, that is truly the only accurate description of what Mr. Goldweber has produced, there are 657 pages of film reviews presented in Claws & Saucers. I also like to think I know a thing or two about the genres touched upon in the book so imagine my surprise when I kept coming up with films in the collection that I somehow had missed. It made me instantly jump to the internet to fill those holes in my cinematic education!

Mr. Goldweber has given ratings to the films in the categories he feels will be of interest to those of us that enjoy these particular genres. He has assigned a rating of one to ten in categories such as action, sex, gore, quality, and camp and includes a “Don’t Miss” on some of the films for moments to be on the lookout for as well as “What’s Happening” for a brief summary of the film and “Famous For” in regards to it’s legacy which might be anything from featuring an actor in a similar genre piece to a notable last appearance of character actor or a celebrity’s favorite film.

The reviews in the book are very laid back, and Mr. Goldweber’s writing style is very approachable, as well as being concise and to the point. The reviews are also often filled with humorous asides and I was glad to see he embraced all of the types of genres and doesn’t belittle the enjoyment between serious horror like The Night of the Living Dead and B-Level fare such as The Food of the Gods.

Night of the Living Dead

Food of the Gods

To put it bluntly, if you enjoy Horror, Fantasy, and Science-Fiction Films then you need this book on your shelf. I only wish I perhaps lived next door to Mr. Goldweber so he might let me watch his film collection…because to build my own up to fit in these gaps in my collection is going to be costly…but worth it.

The book has been published today in fact, you can order your Kindle copy on Amazon right this minute for $8.95 and I might point out that the out of print edition is going for a whopping $2,321 to $3,417, so you might want to pick up the revised edition in paperback or eBook at or even as an iBook from iTunes.

You can visit Mr. Goldweber’s site at Claws and Saucers, and I want to thank the author for being so generous as to allow me the chance to not only broaden my cinematic education but to share this review on the site.


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