Join Scream Factory This Friday as They Summon a Screening of Witchboard as Part of the Summer of Fear!



Hey creeps! Why not join Scream Factory this Friday night as they present a screening of Kevin Tenney’s outre Ouija based shocker Witchboard! Let me just move the PR planchette around and get you all the details:

Just when you thought it was safe to turn on your streaming device … Scream Factory’s Summer of Fear drive-in is back! This Friday night’s free feature is Witchboard, the classic horror film that made us all think twice before pulling out the old Ouija board. If that’s not enough, we’re including new interviews with director Kevin Tenney and (just-added) star Tawny Kitaen! Plus we’ve unearthed a fresh round of Blu-ray “Six-Packs” that you’ll be dying to add to your collection, along with limited-edition coaster packs that come FREE with your purchase (while supplies last). So what are you waiting for? Head on over to and have a deadly good time.

Daniel XIII

Daniel XIII: equally at home at a seance as he is behind the keyboard! Raised on a steady diet of Son of Satan comics, Kaiju flicks and Count Chocula, ol' XIII is a screenwriter, actor, and reviewer of fright flicks! What arcane knowledge lurks behind the preternatural eyes of the Ouija Board Kid?

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