Spider-Van, Spider-Van, does whatever a spider can!


I’ve written previously about a set of MPC ‘Snap-Together’ Star Wars vehicle model kits that captured my imagination. I took a look last night at other items in the range and discovered to my delight that they also made a Spider-Van! As I wanted to see pictures, I did what anyone would do – I typed ‘Spider-Van’ into a search engine and found myself staring at all manner of other Spider-Man transport too.

It seems MPC were not the first to have the idea for a Spider-Van, this Buddy van got there first:

Buddy Spider-Van

If you want something a little less “van”-like, you could opt for the Spider-Man VW Beetle from the Polar Lights Racing Dreams series:

Spider-VW Beetle

That VW Beetle above looks a little old-fashioned, so why not have the new Beetle instead, and let’s have that in bright green shall we:

New Spider-Man Beetle

You can also find this very nice ’97 Mustang:


For a few more designs, including a Dodge Charger, Chevy Bus, Lincoln Futura and a Hummer, check out Loose Cars which has a great selection.

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