Retroist Junkbox Update: It can’t escape from New York!


Hey there friends and fiends. DJ Darko here, filling-in for ISeeRobots with a first-hand account of the New York City hand-off of the Retro Junkbox!

I won’t lie—I was pretty damn excited about receiving the Retro Junkbox at my doorstep. Once I was told about its imminent arrival I worried about it on a daily basis, like any good mom would do.

Would the box be in good enough shape to be able to continue on its journey? Would it be too heavy for our lazy mailman to carry and deliver to my doorstep? Would they make me come and claim it at the post office? Would it still contain nuggets of retro gold for me to sift through and call my own? Or at this point would it simply contain Gwyneth Paltrow’s head?
Thankfully, the box arrived at my doorstep unharmed. And many fun treasures were unearthed! Then many fun treasures were added! After I told our pal Robots that the package was safe and sound in my apartment, he fortunately dictated that the next stop on the Retro Junkbox world tour would be…Manhattan! As in New York City, baby. It would be just a quick trip over the east river from my home in Queens to the next lover of retro goodness.

It was obvious to me that I was meant, no, wait…some would even say DESTINED, to deliver this box in person.

And that next person would be JT Cornpone. And that next person would change my life FOREVER.

Again, in another strange twist of fate, the weekend we agreed to meet up happened to also be the same weekend that there was a flea market/street sale going on in Cornporne’s neighborhood. What great fortune! I could think of no better place to meet up! Well, that’s untrue. It would have been fun to meet up somewhere like Barcade in Brooklyn, but I would not want to detract from the already legendary meeting of Vic Sage and Robe Flax when they did their own hand-off.

So on a sunny, warm Saturday in June, your friend DJ Darko, with family in tow, took an intrepid trek into the city to meet with JT.

(The midget in the Spidey mask was the original “bag man” but the bag proved too heavy for her to carry. Damn you, child labor laws!)


JT Cornpone here, a lurker, but never a shirker. Was glad to be included in the Retro Madness and get to hang with Darko and Fam as well. She is raisin’ her kids retro right. In fact a Mrs. Beasley Paper Doll set that I couldn’t fit in the box is now being enjoyed by a Mini-Darko…

What greeted me was a full box of goodies and delights. We first played a game to see if I could guess what items were put in by Team Darko and what had been there prior. Was I sad to see that the New Edition 45 had been snatched by someone I respected? Yes, but there was an Elvis single in there to replace Bivins and Co., so the vinyl side of me ended up quite pleased.


Whichever of you rotters put that filthy Mexican comic book in there should be ashamed. It was, of course, the first thing I took. For research purposes. I was also pleased to grab the last of the Starlogs. I’ve watched them come and go at the various stops around the country, and feared I would not be able to relive my Starlog-reading youth. I was wrong.

I took the Battlestar Galactica book, which was coincidence as I’d just that day at the street sale found a Songs From Battlestar played by the Moog Orchestra record. What a combo.

Also snagged a Robocop figurine. I let the McDonald’s comb go, sadly.

You’ll find with the Retrobox, you may take more than you even need just to be able to fit some new stuff in there. I packed that sucker up with some of the delights pictured and an additional surprise or two and hopefully it makes it to its third NYC borough of the journey.

‘Twas a blast, and I hope that warrior of a box continues its path pleasantly. The lady at the post-office LOVED the Garbage Pail Kids stickers….

For all interested readers, here’s a parting collage of some of the amazing and kitschy finds to be found at the sale!



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