Q And A With Justin Barnes – Artist On Ralph Bakshi’s Wizards “Peace/Necron 99” Sculpture!

PeaceNecron 99 - Ralph Bakshi

Back in February we shared the info about a limited edition set of authorized “Peace/Necron 99” sculptures being sold on ebay by Bakshi Productions and thanks to that post (And the kindness of the artist’s Mother) we were able to get into contact with the artist responsible for those sculpts, Justin Barnes.

Justin, thank you again for your kindness in participating in this Q and A. It was a couple of months back when I stumbled upon your wonderful sculpture for Peace/Necron 99 from Ralph Bakshi’s 1977 masterpiece Wizards. Would you mind giving us a bit of your art background and how you were approached by Bakshi Productions for this assignment?

I have basically been drawing my whole life, but the last few years in college I have been fortunate enough to work on some bigger projects. This is where I was introduced to Eddie Bakshi, Ralph’s son. After a few semesters of hanging out we started talking about projects we could work on and the Peace sculptures came from that.

Images courtesy of Justin Barnes.
Images courtesy of Justin Barnes.

Had you seen Wizards before you got the job?

Actually Wizards is one of my favorites, I had first seen the movie when I was 8 and I have seen it many times since then.

Is Peace your favorite character from the film?

Peace/Necron is really cool, but Blackwolf and Avatar are my favorites. I really want to do a Blackwolf sculpt.

Who were your art inspirations?

My inspirations art wise are all over the place. Bakshi obviously because he says what is important to him, Peter Chung was a huge influence early on for me. Lately tho I am inspired by animators who are blazing their own trail like Nick Cross and Anton Bogaty.

How long did it take to sculpt Peace, I assume there was an approval process?

The Peace sculpt was on a fast track, so I was allowed a lot of freedom with the design process. Basically I drove up to Ralph’s place in the mountains and showed him the work in progress, He dug it so I kept at it. Start to finish the process took about six months.

Images courtesy of Justin Barnes.
Images courtesy of Justin Barnes.

Can you tell us what projects you might be working on at the present?

Right now I am in the early stages of the next character in line, can’t say which yet. With a little extra time I can afford to spend some time on designs and prototypes.

Is there a place on the web that fans might follow your work?

I’m in between sites right now, but my some of my work can be found on seemonster.deviantart.com

I really want to thank Justin once again for taking time out of his busy schedule to answer a fee questions, make sure to visit his deviantART page by following the link provided and we will be sure to give you all a heads up on the next sculpture on that next character when we are able.

Images courtesy of Justin Barnes.
Images courtesy of Justin Barnes.
Images courtesy of Justin Barnes.
Images courtesy of Justin Barnes.


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