Billy Squier’s “Rock Me Tonite” Music Video


I have two sisters and both of them were Billy Squier fans back in the 1980s. They would often be playing his music in their rooms and when his videos came on Mtv they would crank it up. This all changed when the video for “Rock Me Tonite” premiered on Mtv.

I was in the room reading comics and my sister was on the couch eating saltines with peanut butter and jelly on them when the song came on. After about 30 seconds she started yelling for my other sister to come in and watch. I had no idea what was going on, but they were both rolling on the floor laughing about the video for the entire duration (and pretty much whenever the video was on after that).

I watched it and didn’t see the big deal even after repeated viewings. Maybe it was because I wasn’t the Squier fan that my sisters were? I would learn years later that this video pretty much wrecked Squier’s career. It is a testament to the power of the music video at the time. The right video could make you, or in this instance, break you.


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