Use your ATM Card to buy Gas at Arco in 1987 and Win Prizes


I was a relatively slow adopter of non-ash payment methods. I still prefer to use it whenever I can. So in the 1980s, paying for anything using an ATM card or as we called it a MAC card, seemed like something from the future.

Where I am from, New Jersey, you do not get to pump your own gas, so I am not sure how they would have been able to handle accepting pin codes in the 1980s. Not that I would have used it, even if they had run an offer like this back then, I would have been terrified of using anything electronic at that point to purchase something like gasoline. Looking back, it is hard to remember why.

I guess I didn’t trust the system?

It is amazing how quickly things changed. Not just the technology, but the style and tone of the commercial they used to try to convince us to use that technology. When I think high-tech, Ager and Yellen’s “Ain’t She Sweet” is not the first song that comes to mind.


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