Saturday Frights Podcast – Episode 012 (Dagon)

Saturday Frights Podcast – Episode 012 (Dagon)


Welcome back friends to the Saturday Frights Podcast! Each week or so my co-host, the Projectionist and I will discuss a particular horror movie or horror themed TV episode from the Retroist Vault and this time we chose 2001’s “Dagon”. We briefly discuss the synopsis for the film and its notable cast and crew and the Projectionist has also brought along some choice Drive-In coming attractions for your listening pleasure! We also have a shout out to one of the Saturday Fright Facebook fans as well as the delivery of a mysterious package.

If you have any suggestions for topics you would like for us to cover in the future or comments, email them to me at VicSage@Retroist.Com. You can also follow me on Twitter and on Facebook. The Projectionist may be reached at if you have any comments or questions for the shadowy cinephile from Haddonfield.

Music on the show was provided by Peachy (the Pino Donaggio of Wales), if you have musical needs, why not contact Peachy at And “like” him on his Facebook Page.

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  1. Mr. Projectionist, I love your show. But the voice of Vic Sage is simply too scary. His pleasant non-deadness gives me the heebie-jeebies.

  2. Mr. Art. I appreciate and applaud your wisdom on the matter of my radio program as my continuing…requests…on the matter of being delegated to co-host has continued to fall on deaf ears in regards to the Retroist. Imagine the discomfort I must endure each time Vic and I meet within the Retroist Vault, though you are not able to hear it during the broadcast he possesses the most disturbing wet and glassy eyes.

  3. Well…thanks for that, Projectionist.

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