Jerry Lewis Celebrates the Release of The Nutty Professor 50th Anniversary Collectors Edition at the World Famous Friar’s Club

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Hey check this out! The fine folks over at Warner Bros Home Entertainment clued the ol’ Ouija Board Kid in on an event that recently took place to celebrate the release of The Nutty Professor on Blu-ray (which I review right here)! Quick, breathe in the lush vapors of the mystic steam issuing from the river PR’naxx to learn more:

Warner Bros. and Jerry Lewis celebrated the 50th Anniversary of The Nutty Professor this past week in New York. Jerry Lewis, the consummate entertainer, world-renowned humanitarian, cultural icon and motion-picture innovator was celebrated in an entertaining laugh-filled tribute by his friends and peers. In attendance were Jerry Lewis, Brett Ratner, Larry King, Richard Belzer, Kerry Keagan, Danny Aiello, Ed Norton, Russell Simmons, Rosario Dawson, Dominic Chianese, Ron Raines and more.

Daniel XIII

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