Ray Bradbury Proved That Work And Play Can Be The Same Thing.

The Retroist and I were talking a few days ago when he shared this photo of the legendary Ray Bradbury with me, knowing my love of the late great author he allowed me to share it with all of you. Just take a moment and drink in all of the wonderful items in the room with Ray…Bullwinkle, a Mickey Mouse Colorforms set, A UFO lunchbox from the 1970s BBC series, Houdini’s Magic Kit, some kind of strange orange creature atop the lunchbox, and what appears to be an image of George Sanders on a board with other photos. I always believed the intro to his Ray Bradbury Theater as to how he wrote…just sitting in his study looking at his collection of treasure and when one caught his eye he would begin to write. Especially when you see that same Mickey Mouse in this photo in the intro below!

[Via] halloweenguy1031’s channel


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