Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean Model Kits

When I first went to Disney World as a kid, the attraction that most captured my imagination was Pirates of the Caribbean. I was a bit of a fan of pirate-themed literature and film, so being thrust into a song filled non-threatening pirate raid was right up my alley. When I got home, I tried gathering as much info about pirates as I could find and in an old magazine from the 1970s, I started finding ads for these model kits by MPC.

As soon as a I saw them I knew I wanted them, but it quickly became obvious after trips to multiple toy stores that they did not sell them anymore. So I took to Flea Markets and Garage Sales. Here I would have mixed success. I would find examples of these models, but ones that were already assembled. Not one of them was in decent shape or worth the price that the seller was asking, so I never bought one.

It is probably good I didn’t. I was horrible at model building and would have ruined a perfectly good kit.

Of course the price of these models continued to climb. The kits now go for 100s of dollars in box and even these ads clipped out of magazines will run you 10 bucks online.



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