Retroist Retro Junkbox Update: NYC

Hi kids! Your boy IseeRobots here with the latest on the globe-trotting satchel of stuff known as The Retro Junk Box. This week the box was in the Big Apple, NYC, safe and sound in the tendrils of’s resident retro music aficionado DJ Darko. Darko’s been on the site for a minute now and has been entertaining us with her Retr-iffic posts on radical tunes of the recent past straight from the jump. Her participation in the box project was eagerly welcomed.

Our tale begins when I wondered out loud on the IseeRobots Facebook page what the box looks like after months of hard charging on the open road. My question was quickly answered when Darko shot me out a pic of the box’s recent arrival on her doorstep.


Looks a bit haggard but pretty good right? Not at all as bad as it could be. Look at that nice welcome mat too. How inviting. I’m sure that the box felt right at home. Ok, let’s get a ?look at the goods! First thing we’re gonna take a peek at is a pic of some of the general contents of the box. Ok, here we go.


Here’s what greeted Darko when she hacked into the box’s sweet innards. Pretty great right? I like that Vanilla Ice Tape, you know I’ve been wanting to say this for a while so sit still for a second, When Vanilla’s first single came out I remember that every single hip hop head that I hung out with LOVED THAT SONG! I’m talking serious hip hop heads not like, pop music style hip hop fans. It wasn’t til later and kind of much later that there was a Vanilla Ice Backlash. If they kept him off of live interviews where he buried himself by making ridiculous claims of street cred it’s possible that there might never have been the anti Vanilla sentiment. OK, that’s enough of about that. It’s pretty well packed too. Good job on that. Everything looks good and safe.

Next we’re gonna take a gander at some of the things that she ganked for herself. Here we go…


The ORKO! oh no, I was told in a private email that it now belongs to the House of Darko. Let’s hope they show it the respect it deserves. Oh hey, that’s my New Edition .45 and my Creature From The Black Lagoon, I think it’s my creature. I know I have more than one of them. I just can’t pass them up when I see them on an action figure blanket at the flea market. I think that’s my Lando as well, I mean that was my Lando.

Darko didn’t really grab a lot of stuff. That’s interesting. I wonder if the box was below her high falutin’ NYC standards. I’m kidding. She’s just more of a giver you know? A real generous type. A humanitarian.

And… here’s the stuff that she put in…


Pretty cool. Who is that yellow figure? That girl? Hmm, looks like Beatrix Kiddo but I know it’s not. I also really dig that Gobot tape. It incorporates two things I really dig, VHS tapes and Gobots. Also That Battle Of The Planet book is awesome too! Dudes, it’s all awesome! What series Robocop figure is that? Interesting! Great job Darko! That’s some Radical Retro Junk!!

Well kids. that’s it for another week in the life of The Retro Junkbox. It’s been real. If you have a second hop on over to Facebook and give your boy a big thumbs up! You won’t be sorry for long.


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