Remember Laser Books?

When trawling the local garage sales in the 1980s, I remember stumbling across two books by a publishing company I had never heard of, Laser Books. The books were sci-fi and only cost a nickel each, so I picked them up. When I got them home I noticed they were numbered and would later find out that a whole series of Laser Books had been published between 1975 and 1977. They were short books by some of the best SF authors around, so they were write up my alley.

Laser Books would publish 58 novels in total. They were started by the Canadian romance book company Harlequin Books. I guess they tried to apply the same model to SF as they did with romance. Sadly it did not capture the same audience.

Laser titles, besides featuring great stories, also had all of their covers done by the Dean of Science Fiction Artists, Frank Kelly Freas. So as you might imagine they are pretty eye-catching.

If you have not seen or owned a Laser book, maybe you remember this ad for them?



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