Hey you, get down to 73

No. 73

If the No 73 isn’t familiar to you as anything other than just a number then you probably aren’t a Brit who grew up in the 80’s. This Saturday morning TV show aired between 1982 and 1988 and was a staple of my weekend viewing. The show was essentially a shell for a broad range of children’s entertainment including comedy sketches, animated series, competitions, music and interviews with celebrities.

Here is the introduction trailer that ran a week earlier to show viewers what was coming next week:

And here is the intro to the show when it first started, followed by the much better update that started less than a year later:

The show featured some classic parodies, most notably for me, The Z-Team which expertly mocked The A-Team with a group who were convicted as toddlers of a crime they did not commit. The parody featured Corporal Tom “Cannibal” Stiff, Dimpleton ‘Skates’ Wreck, Marginally Mental Murky and Mr. P as B.A. Brat who were on the run from the Parks Department.

Sadly I can find no footage of the Z-Team so I’ve had to settle with a 1985 montage of clips from “The Sandwich Quiz” which is entirely as crazy as it sounds!

British fashion in the 80’s was brilliant, wasn’t it!

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