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For years and years I’ve had a suspicion that some of the shows I watched as a child were in fact figments of my imagination. One such show was Otherworld, a 1985 sci-fi series that aired on CBS for only 8 episodes. Until recently I’ve had only small elements floating around my head, I recall a family holidaying in Egypt and I remember that they somehow ended up in a futuristic parallel universe, but besides those small tidbits, I’ve remained largely clueless about what these memories were.

Thankfully, my young self didn’t imagine these events, and thanks to the internet and sites such as Otherworld Online, I can learn all about the adventures of the Sterling family as they ventured around a parallel Earth called Thel, chased from zone to zone by Commander Kroll, looking for a way home. And thanks to Youtube, you can watch the episodes too:

An interesting fact about this show is that much of the information on the internet refers to their being only 8 episodes but apparently there were 13 created and the additional 5 episodes were aired in the UK. Who knows if that is true?

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