This 1927 Filmed Interview With Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Is Remarkable.

I had a chance this week to finally catch up on Season Three of the wonderful BBC Sherlock Holmes series with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman…and now like most of you have the very long wait until possibly 2016 for the next season. Thankfully Netflix was able to provide me with a pretty neat documentary episode on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to while away the time…as well as being able to reread the wonderful stories of Holmes that Doyle gifted us.

I knew a bit about Doyle thanks to my love of one of his former friends, Harry Houdini, they had a pretty powerful falling out due to Houdini’s skeptic nature in Doyle’s belief in spiritualism. Doyle truly tried to get his friend to understand why he felt the famed escape artist possessed the ability of dematerialisation, even though Houdini continuously tried to explain to the older man that he was merely providing the illusion of magic.

Arthur Conan Doyle - Harry Houdini

As the video states in the beginning this interview was filmed in the Summer of 1927 and the famed author takes a few minutes to talk on the matter of both Sherlock Holmes and Spiritualism.

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Image courtesy of Author's Houses Blogspot.
Image courtesy of Author’s Houses Blogspot.


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