Which is the best way to inflate your Dig Dug High Score?

I am not sure why everyone get’s so excited for this Mr. Do! ripoff, but for SOME reason people were excited for this game to be ported to home systems.

When I wrote the above sentence, I really didn’t think much about it. Which I guess happens a lot. I was well aware of the release dates on both of these games. As a Mr. Do! fan I have always felt defensive about people just calling it a Dig Dug clone or ripoff. So as I said…without thinking..I wrote that little sentence, because I personally thought it was a funny thing to say. Maybe I should have qualified it or put an emoticon of some sort near it, because I do realize that their is no way people could possibly understand that I think it is funny unless they either know me personally or have listened to the Dig Dug and Mr. Do! podcasts that I have done.

The reason I am adding this explanation is that in one day of having this on the site I got 20 very nice emails and more than a few direct messages in Facebook correcting me and I would rather not get them anymore.

So to sum up. I do not actually think that either game is a ripoff of the other, but I do think that Mr. Do! is the better game.



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