Conan O’Brien Takes On The Atari 2600 With His “Clueless Gamer” Segment.

Conan O'Brien - Atari 2600
Somehow while toiling away in the Retroist Vault I missed this look back at vintage gaming with Conan O’Brien’s popular Clueless Gamer segment, where the comedian with his friend and web-producer Aaron Bleyaert try their hand at some of the classic cartridges the legendary Atari 2600 had to offer back in the day. As Conan explains in the video below he normally reviews modern gaming fare such as Watchdogs and Skyrim, adding his brand of humor on the subject in regards to his skills and the contemptuous viewpoint on the gaming medium as he admits. This go around though the duo take on the likes of Combat, Missile Command, Golf, River Raid, Pitfall, Space Invaders, and thanks to an online poll the viewers picked E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.

It’s pretty clear that Conan isn’t a fan of gaming, modern or classic, surprised he has never encountered an Atari 2600 though in his 51 years nor of the visionary works of gaming pioneers like David Crane (Pitfall, Ghostbusters, A Boy and his Blob to name just a few). Judging by that video above we probably won’t see more vintage gaming from the likes of Conan but who knows, maybe he’ll decide to give the Intellivision and Colecovision a try to remember a time “When America was on it’s knees”?

“Pitfall Classic Postmortem With David Crane Panel at GDC 2011”

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