Do You Recall How Awesome The Prisoner NES Game Was?

Image courtesy of Alexio Smithos.
Image courtesy of Alexio Smithos.

Well, no you probably don’t have fond memories of taking control of Number 6 in his attempt to escape the Village on the Nintendo Entertainment System as this is all a bit of wonderful fan art from the talented Alexio Smithos.

How awesome would such a game have been though? Well, Alexio goes even further in making us wish we lived in a world where such a game had been released though bear in mind there are SPOILERS if you’ve not yet had the pleasure of watching the classic BBC TV show.

The Prisoner - Pawn

“Ah, who doesn’t remember playing this back in the day? I am not a number! The final level, complete with “dem bones” soundtrack, is probably the bravest thing I’ve ever seen in a computer game.

The revelation that it was the player himself who was the gaoler of Number 6 (with the solution to the game being turning the console off!) was too much for some parents who deluged Nintendo with complaints, resulting in the game being withdrawn from sale eventually, commanding rude prices on the second hand market.

As an action-RPG it has drawn comparisons with Earthbound, as well as Castlevania 2: Simon’s Quest with its sophisticated day-night cycle. Meanwhile its stealth sections reminded reviewers at the time of Konami’s Metal Gear.”


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