Joel Carroll’s Shogun Warriors Artwork Needs To Be Hanging On My Wall!

Image courtesy of Joel Carroll.Com
Image courtesy of Joel Carroll.Com

I’m pretty sure I could find some space for such a fine piece of fan art in my home…maybe I could take down all those pesky family photos of my relatives? I’m sure my family would understand once they gazed at the majesty of the Marvel Comics lineup from the Shogun Warriors comic by Joel Carroll don’t you think? It certainly looks as if he based his work from the icon box from those classic comics.

Shogun Warriors - Marvel Comics

The Shogun Warriors comic ran for 20 issues starting in 1979 and featured Raydeen, Dangard Ace, and Combattra. Raydeen was piloted by Richard Carson, Combattra was manned by Genji Odashu, and Ace had Ilongo Savage at the controls. The three were recruited by a group known as the Followers of Light and helped build the Shogun Warriors to battle the forces of the Primal One…sadly though in issue 16 the Followers are destroyed but the Fantastic Four showed up to lend a hand in the last two issues of the series!

Shogun Warriors 19  - Marvel Comics


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